How to create an accommodation group? (Premium)

In this article you will find out how to create an accommodation group.

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What is an accommodation group?

How to manage your accommodation groups?

Accommodation groups can be created in Admin Portal>App Setting> Accommodation Groups section.

How to create an accommodation group
  • To create a new group, click on + Create new.
  • In this window you can name and add description to the group.  
  • Search for specific hotels or zoom in the map to look for suitable ones in a specific location.
  • Check the boxes or click on suitable hotels on the map to add them to your accommodation group.

How to create an accommodation group_2
  • At the bottom of the page view the chosen places of stay, their coordinates, priority number and an option to remove any of the accommodation. 
  • Click on priority drop down menu of each hotel to select a position of your choice.
How to create an accommodation group_3
  • To complete the accommodation group, click Save.

Note: Accommodation grouping is only available to Premium users, want to upgrade? Please contact