TripCreator B2C Platform Launch Surprise: terms of participation

Below are the terms for participating and winning back 10% of your trip cost.

TripCreator launches the B2C travel planner on the 8 of February 2019. 12:01 AM UTC is the official time when one can start creating trips on

The period for the contest

To participate in the contest one has to book a trip within the 8th of February 2019 until the 8th of March 2019.

The first 10 users to book their trip that includes TripCreator global suppliers' items (,, Get Your Guide, Cartrawler) will get 10% of their trip cost back.

The winners will be contacted personally. With their permission only, we will announce them on the official TripCreator Facebook account within a week after the contest is over.

Payout Timeframe:

Winners will be contacted personally and the award will be transferred to the account within 20 days after the trip has been taken.