There are 3 ways to update products in TripCreator:

  1. Edit a product already added to the planner (calendar/list view)
  2. Edit a product in your library (Products)
  3. Add a product with additional changes from your library (My Products)

If you want to learn about adding products to an itinerary, take a look at article Build itineraries with products.

Let's now take a look at all options in detail.

1. Edit a product already added to the planner (calendar/list view) 

  • Click on the product card in calendar or list view
  • Click on its card to open details
  • Select the Modify option 
  • After updating the details – SAVE AND CLOSE

(NOTE: The changes will only apply to the specific itinerary and will not be saved to the original product if it was added to the library; the changes will not affect other itineraries with this product.)

2. Edit a product within the Products library 

  • Navigate to PRODUCTS via the menu in the top right corner
  • Find and open a product you would like to update
  • If a product is labelled 'my product' – go ahead and EDIT it
  • For products provided by TripCreator, you will see an option CLONE TO EDIT, which duplicates the product, saves its copy under My Products for you to then be able to make changes to its contents.  
  • Update the information and SAVE.

Note: the changes will be saved to the product template only.

Updating Products labelled 'my product':

Updating TripCreator products:

(NOTE: If you want to keep the template of your product as it is, and instead create a slightly different version of a product, click on the item menu and select CLONE to create a copy.)

3. Add a product with additional changes from your library

  • Click anywhere on the calendar to access your products (within the list view, click on the indicated list section)
  • In My Products, find a product you want to insert to the itinerary with changes and click on its title
  • Select the EDIT option
  • Update the details

(NOTE: changes will only be applied to the itinerary product, they will not be applied to the original product template saved under My Products, nor to other itineraries that have this product added).

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