When creating itineraries, any products can be multilingual, which means that all product translations are saved along the original and can be used anytime, provided a specific itinerary language is set.

Steps to add a translation to a product

  1. Start to create a product or open any product details
  2. At the bottom, click to add a new language variant in addition to the original copy 
  3. Select the translation language 
  4. Click ADD
  5. A blank field opens for you to either insert the translation by yourself, or use the auto-translator
  6. If you decide to auto-translate – click "Use auto translation from English" (or another language already used)
  7. Continue in the same way if you want to add more languages. 
  8. When finished, click SAVE AND CLOSE

NOTE: to display products in another language make sure to select the appropriate itinerary language.

An example of an itinerary with products in Spanish

Start off by selecting Spanish as an itinerary language under settings. 

  • If a product WAS TRANSLATED into Spanish beforehand – it will be displayed in Spanish after you add it to an itinerary.
  • If a product was NOT TRANSLATED into Spanish earlier, it will be displayed in the original language and you can:
  1. add a single-use translation to the product already inserted to your itinerary by opening and translating it via calendar

2. or if this product was saved to your library – My Products – add a translation to the product in your library for the future use:

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