What is a TAG and how to use it

In this article you learn what are tags within TripCreator, why would you use them and how to embed them into email templates.

Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 10.10.25

An example of a tag in the screenshot above, i.e. self-drive.

Tags are your chosen labels that, attached to certain itineraries, trigger specific pieces of text to be displayed in related emails your customers will receive.

You might want to use tags if :

  • the itineraries you create could be assigned to specific categories, e.g. self-drive, guided tours, short breaks, tours with locals, etc.
  • you want your customers to automatically get different messages depending on the category of the itinerary, e.g. upon sharing a self-drive itinerary, you want a customer to get a message that thanks them for buying this trip and gives additional details and instructions for that exact trip.

How to set up the tags and messaged accordingly?

  1. IN PLANNER add relevant tags to itineraries you want to be associated with specific email messages:
  • open an itinerary;
  • click on Itinerary Settings in the footer;
  • add one or more tags for this trip type.

2. IN ADMIN add code snippets to email templates you want to include different messages to, which will then be triggered and sent upon a relevant event:

  • Navigate to APP SETTINGS>EMAIL;
  • Click on a relevant email template;
  • Below the code field, double check if variable is available for this template;
Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.28.55
  • Click on Show Preview to see, where you would want the custom message to appear;
  • Customize the email template by inserting in this code snippet in an appropriate place:
Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.16.33

ezgif.com-crop (15)
  • In this snippet, replace tags self-drive, multi-day and the custom messages below with your own;
  • Add as many pieces of code with appropriate tags as you need;
  • Click UPDATE, when finished.

Note 1 : currently the following email templates support tags: Booking Started, Confirm Trip Booking and Booking Error.

Note 2 : After completing the steps above, in email preview you will be able to see code symbols, the final message is rendered in the actual email sent. Please do some email testing, before emails are send out to customers.